While not a big budget project, a corporate e-card is still a high-profile one, especially to send warm wishes to clients, partners and friends around the holidays. In 2012 I pitched the Cineplex CEO on a short film concept e-card. Between 2012 – 2017 I oversaw one live action and three animated holiday e-cards. These eventually paved the way for larger Cineplex holiday brand spots like Lily And The Snowman and A Balloon For Ben.

Disciplines: Creative Direction + Copywriting + Producing

A child’s imagination is brought to life when he infuses cookies with the secret ingredient - Cineplex.

A young girl discovers the extraordinary abilities of Cineplex popcorn.

An elf at a North Pole toy factory discovers there's magic to be found in the mundane.

A storyteller sits by a roaring fire recounting the tale of Cineplex.

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