As an accomplished brand builder and strategic thought partner, with a mix of both agency and in-house experience, I have a great eye for detail and a proven track record for telling simple, powerful, and entertaining stories.

I'm an integrated Creative Director with a background in copywriting and video directing / producing. I've planned and led brand concepts and ideation across various channels for all lines of business.

I always ensure the personality and soul of our brands come through in all of our narratives.

With an amazing sense of pacing, I'm able to flex a diverse range of styles. From global ads, to feature films, to broadcast, to live events, to music videos, and radio spots, I live and breathe storytelling.

I’m also an avid lover of 1980s pop culture, collector of rare guitars, and carnival food enthusiast.


Brands need to play a key role in people's lives because a brand without trust is just a product. But data and algorithms don’t capture human emotion. Tonality is not black or white. And following the rules never changed anything. It’s more engaging when emotions and visuals collide. Clients want to be just as inspired as anyone else. So be surprising. Be unexpected. Turn conventions on their head. 

And always tell a great story.

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