TIFF 2020

There’s no stopping great storytelling. After months of pivoting and rethinking, we reimagined TIFF with 100+ live and virtual guests, 10 days of public and industry programming, 119 physical screenings, 3 entirely new venues, 2 exciting new digital platforms, and our first nationwide televised awards show.

The creative denotes a sense of continuous motion – of moving forward and never slowing down. The layouts and copy strike a balance of playful optimism, while still feeling like premium. Playing with the idea of continual movement and combining it with this abstract strand of film produces a looping "To Be Continued" wordmark, effective both in motion and static where multiple versions play on both the variety of the Festival offering, but also that TIFF doesn’t stand still. The TIFF logo was treated with a colourful LED texture, and the date with a digital font to hint at the exciting new digital component to the Festival this year.

The 2020 Festival offered nationwide film access for the first time in TIFF history, with 44M total social impressions (+29% increases YoY), 118k+ public attendees (+14% increase in scanned tickets per event YoY), 98% sold out physical screenings (+5% increase YoY) and 105k+ digital viewers.

Discipline: Creative Direction

We needed to be mindful not to overuse the gold treatment associated with the Tribute Awards for concern of coming off too opulent in a time where the global pandemic created a significant financial impact in the world. Versioning the film strand as a purple banner (purple representing both calm stability and fierce energy through blue and red respectively), the branding was treated with gold accents coming through, to suggest brighter days are on the horizon.

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