If the feature film is the ball dropping on New Years Eve, then the feature presentation is the ten-second countdown leading up to it. I oversaw the creation of three different feature presentation trailers for three separate Cineplex brands. The trailers were designed to act as a bridge connecting audiences to the films they were about to watch through anticipation, wonderment and conceptual moments that capture the imagination of cinema.

I also oversaw Cineplex's first ever sonic branding. Based on Scott Joplin's ragtime classic "The Entertainer" and simplified to only four notes, the mnemonic was malleable and came with the built-in equity of an iconic, instantly recognizable melody, that conceptually tied directly into the Cineplex backstory.

Discipline: Creative Direction, Copywriting

We created a legacy piece centred around the Cineplex logo evolving through material innovation. Each material is indicative of another. milestone. The Cineplex rings were originally modelled after the ancient amphitheatres, which were the earliest venues of entertainment. Working with media company Elastic, we brought this journey to life through their signature brand of abstract visuals.


UltraAVX is a transformative experiences - big sounds, stunning visuals; audiences aren't simply immersed in the film, they’re a part of it. We created a trailer with a story and colour palette to complement the vibrant and brilliant displays of UltraAVX. This was the first Cineplex trailer to be mixed in Dolby Atmos.

Cineplex Events

Using visuals from an assortment of exclusive and curated special event programming, we created a multi-layered effected video treatment - crafted as meticulously as each transitional brushstroke - bringing a world of events to the big screen.

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