Midnight Madness is the wild and dark underbelly of the Toronto International Film Festival. It's here that the most passionate cinephiles emerge from the shadows to cheer on the deadliest lineup films long after the rest of the festival has gone to bed. I pitched Cineplex - the lead sponsor for the volunteer program at TIFF - on the idea of creating a volunteer "thank you" video specifically tailored to Midnight Madness audiences. With the help from then-programmer Colin Geddes and zombie king, George A. Romero, Cineplex became the first-ever sponsor to have a versioned trailer at TIFF.

Discipline: Creative Direction + Copywriting + Video Directing

I wrote and directed Ode To Joy (2017): Shot using the Phantom camera at 1,000 fps, volunteers demonstrate their unwavering dedication in the face of squeamish horrors.

I wrote, directed and produced Mad Tasks (2016): A throwback to the retro training videos of the fifties, this spot puts a murderous spin on the mundane tasks volunteers must perform.

I wrote and directed Monster Support Group (2015): Iconic Midnight Madness figures gather together for encouragement and advice, led by a volunteer.

I wrote, directed and produced Volunteers To The Rescue (2014): Three scenarios illustrate how horror movies would have turned out differently had a volunteer been there to save the day.

I wrote and directed It's Alive! (2013): A mad scientist enlists the help of his grotesque assistant to gather parts for the perfect human.

I wrote, directed and produced Operation: Film Can (2012): A volunteer must run the gamut of modern terror in order to save the day for master of madness George A. Romero.

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