The movie theatre experience can often be disrupted by unwanted annoyances. With movie etiquette as a hot topic, it was time to refresh the animated etiquette spots Cineplex had been running since 2010, taking the well-known characters like Tommy Texter and Suzie Seatkicker into the real world (and for the first time ever bringing these characters into our Quebec market with French-language versions). These new spots let Cineplex guests know that they can change the experience for the better, if we all work together.

Disciplines: Creative Direction + Copywriting


In 2010, Cineplex introduced the iconic Tommy Texter, reminding people to "please turn off your phone." We followed up Tommy with three other - Sally Soundtrack, Suzie Seatkicker, and Harvey Hogger. These spots have become iconic in the Canadian exhibition landscape, from being spoofed on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, to its own entry into the lexicon of pop culture.

Disciplines: Copywriting + Producing

Years: 2010-2013

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