TIFF 2021

Last year, the world felt like it was stuck in limbo — the vibrancy of time adrift in the infinite white light. But throughout the hardships, resilience kept TIFF an enduring beacon of possibilities by turning limitations into strengths, conversations into actions, and refracting that white light into an array of brilliant colours. With a full hybrid Festival in 2021 and a return to live events, we wanted our creative to be convey hope and be transformative. Using bold and structured type, an iconic cube (signalling the return of the Lightbox), that also functions as a lens, granting us new perspectives on the ordinary, and the prismatic refraction of light, this year’s creative was vibrant and exciting. Prismatic light is a refocusing of energy. Each colour coming together carries a message of inclusiveness. It often signifies unity of and a collection of what is scattered. The refraction of light is seen after a storm when the sun breaks through the clouds and a rainbow is formed. This provides us with a powerful message – good things often follow the darkest storms. 

Discipline: Creative Direction

In the seven days leading up to Festival 2021 announcement, we created a series of distorted videos with refracted light for social. These videos were designed to tease some of the venues and celebrations during TIFF, to created excitement and facilitate engagement.

Anchoring onto the image of the Lightbox (cube) we needed a way to differentiate our online Industry Conference and our nationally broadcast Tribute Awards, while creating something distinct and maintaining a visual cohesion. Historically, the Industry Conference has used shades of blue and purple to differentiate, and the Tribute Awards gold. Adapting the cube in both a standard and macro way, we isolated the blue and violet light spectrum and refracted the light within, creating a more opaque result. The Tribute Awards cubes was treated with a gold leaf surface while reflecting the light back to create a brushed gold texture. The results were both striking and cohesive. Along with the main Festival creative, we produced an extensive design and motion toolkit for both Industry and Tribute Awards.

Using Format