Cineplex is the lead sponsor of TIFF's volunteer program. As such, Cineplex creates a video before every film at the festival thanking the volunteers. Given the frequency of play, the challenge is to produce a video with repeat value. Since taking over the creation of these videos in 2013, I've approached them as short films rather than ads, always trying to capture the excitement and drama of film itself, while ensuring the spirit of celebration is ever-present.

Discipline: Creative Direction + Copywriting + Video Directing

I wrote and directed We Are The Champions (2018): Volunteers are the ultimate champions, taking the spotlight in the largest ever TIFF live singing event.

I wrote and directed Cave Of The Treasure (2017): A nod to the old pulp adventures, where a daring adventurer journeys to locate the greatest treasure of all.

I wrote, directed and produced The Wonder Years (2016): Four friends grow up from childhood to adulthood. Two things are apparent - their desire to help others and their love of movies.

I wrote and directed Take On Me (2015): A woman is pulled into a volunteer ad and ushered through the history of cinema.

I wrote, directed and produced Volunteers In The Off-Season (2014): A volunteer's passion runs year-long. Two versions of this spot played at TIFF - one with an alt ending.

I wrote and directed Dancing In The Streets (2013): A nod to everyone's favourite dance films, as a volunteer ushers the excitement into the festival.

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Festival One-Sheets

As part of the Cineplex sponsorship, the company gets a one-sheet in all official festival programs and daily film schedules that tie back to the volunteer trailer. I have overseen the creation of these one-sheets since 2013, acting as creative and art director for three of them.

Discipline: Art Direction

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